Come Rest Ye Merry Gentlefolk
(Sung to the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)

Come in, dear friends, and warm yourselves beside our blazing fire.
The wind outside is icy cold, and snow is piling higher.
The Autumn leaves are buried now, beneath the falling snow.
So come in friends, and welcome to our home. To-oo our ho-o-ome.
So be quick, come in, and do please close the door.

Our table's set with food and wine, and 'neath it children play.
We labored not in vain this year; our bounty's on display.
Come, please yourselves with food and wine, and conversation too.
It's a joy to have friends so good and true. Goo-ood and tru-u-ue.
It's a joy to have some friends so good as you.

In time the players will arrive, and music will abound.
Their instruments will fill the air with much delightful sound.
The children too will laugh and sing, and whirl and twirl arou-ou-ound.
Every one is a comfort and a joy. Comfort and jo-o-oy.
Every one of them's a comfort and a joy.

And after all the dancing's done, we'll settle by the fire.
And hear a storyteller tell of heroes who aspire
To save the world from reckless greed, and leaders gone astray.
May the baaad guys be caught and kept at bay. Ke-ept at bay-ay-ay.
May the villains all be banished, one fine day.

Come sing with us, we'll cast a spell.. upon the dancing flame.
And conjure up a vision there, enticing all to dream.
The little ones may fall asleep, but others tend the fire.
May their dreams be the kind that take us higher. Let us aspi-i-ire
To a better world, both prosperous and free.

Come rest ye merry gentlefolk. Let nothing you dismay.
The battle will be won by love, and truth will light our way.
But rest a while beside the fire, and let your thoughts be warm.
O-oh! ti-dings of co-o-mfort and joy. Comfort and jo-o-oy.
O-oh! ti-i-dings of co-o-mfort and joy.


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