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May 31, 2009

Psychologists and sociologists debate the role that money problems play in undermining marital relationships, but most people would probably agree that money problems contribute greatly to the general level of stress, unhappiness, and irratability. In the coming economic climate, marriages are likely to be sorely tested. The "American dream" of liberty, peace, and shared abundance has been steadily fading. Over the course of several decades, Republican and Democratic administrations alike have undermined the working class and the material security of middle and lower class families.  To be sure, there have been major differences between the two parties' social agendas... and these differences have served to divide and conquer the "lower" classes... but their economic agenda has always been the same: to transfer wealth upwards. 

This is not likely to change under the new administration. When Obama talks about change, he is holding out the possibility of social justice, not economic change. Make no mistake: the banksters, kleptocrats, and warmongers are still in charge.  Yet the coming cataclysm is entirely avoidable... if enough people were to awaken from their trance, confront the root of the problem, and educate their friends and neighbors. Real change won't happen without a widespread shift in consciousness. There are some simple but powerful remedies for this economic crisis, but they are not likely to be implemented unless people recognize the central problem, at the root of all the others.  Read more....

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